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Storm Water Information

Erie County is covered by general NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) permit for Storm Water, and Margaretta Township is a political subdivision of Erie County.  Urbanized areas of Margaretta Township are therefore covered by this NPDES permit. Erie County Soil and Water personnel are leading the compliance with this permit, and all the affected political subdivisions have personnel working on this as well.  The majority of storm water (rain, ice melt, snow melt, etc.) in Margaretta Township is absorbed into the soil, or runs off into ditches and streams, ultimately reaching the Sandusky Bay and Lake Erie. Storm sewers likewise discharge storm water into ditches and streams as well.  Since storm water is generally not treated at local wastewater treatment plants, it is imperative that pollutants (wastes, oils, gasoline, heavy metals, manufacturing wastes, etc.) not be discharged into ditches, streams, or storm sewers, as these pollutants can be toxic to aquatic organisms.  Further, these pollutants can disrupt the fragile physical/chemical/biological balance of these waters and upset the natural ecosystem of these waters. 


The NPDES permit is issued by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), and is renewed every 5 years.


Questions or concerns made be referred to the following:

Erie County – (419) 626-5211

Margaretta Township – (419) 684-9500 ext. xx

OEPA, Northwest District office – (419) 352-8461


For brevity, only a few of the permit sections are shown below, specifically, those that directly relate to what is being done in Margaretta Township regarding Storm Water.

Jim Johnson

Jim Johnson

Storm Water Specialist


114 Main Street

PO Box 278

Castalia, OH 44824

Phone: 419-684-5549

Fax: 419-684-7083

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