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Elected Officials

Margaretta Township has four elected officials comprised of
three Trustees and one Fiscal Officer, all serving four-year terms.
Board of Trustees

Timothy Riesterer


Trustee since 1996


Term ending - 12/31/23

Joe Bias, Jr.

Vice Chairman

Trustee since 2004


Term ending - 12/31/25

Gary Pooch


Trustee since 2001


Term ending - 12/31/25

Fiscal Officer

Robert Day

Township Fiscal Officer

Fiscal Officer since April, 2018

Term ending - 3/31/24

Meeting Information


The Margaretta Township Board of Trustees meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 7pm.

All meetings are held at the Township Hall, 114 Main Street, Castalia, Ohio 44824.


Residents who wish to address the Board of Trustees at a regular or special meeting must sign the Open Forum sheet before the start of the meeting.

Meeting dates and agendas are subject to change.

Please contact the Township office at (419) 684-9500, ext 4 to verify date and time.

To contact a Trustee, dial 419-684-9500, ext 4.


To contact the Fiscal Officer, dial 419-684-9500, ext 5.

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