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Division of Fire

Margaretta Twp. Fire Department Training Requirements


No greater service is given to a community than by having a well-equipped and well-trained fire department. The Margaretta Fire Department takes this responsibility seriously and we expect a great deal from our members. The demands of becoming a Firefighter/EMT and keeping your skills sharp are intense. Listed below are the training requirements for our department.


MTFD Basic Requirements for Paid-On-Call and Full-time members:


Dept. Orientation

Level 1 Firefighter

Basic EMT Course

Haz Mat Awareness

Haz Mat Operations

Full-Time Paid

Dept. Orientation

260 Hour FF I & II Course

16 Month Paramedic Course

Haz Mat Awareness

Haz Mat Operations

Fire Safety Inspector Course

Engineer / Operator Course

ACLS and PALS course

Additionally, members are trained in various Technical Rescue courses and encouraged to attend State and Regional seminars and schools.

Only by having well equipped and well trained members can we provide the excellent level of service that you deserve.

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