Division of Fire

Employment Opportunities

The Margaretta Fire Department is a combination department that employees both full-time paid members and part time paid-on-call members. We have 10 full-time positions, our authorized department strength is 40 total members. With our 10 career members and 12 paid-on-call members our current roster is 22. 

It is our goal to reward our members for being on the department long term and for being active.  Therefore, the department offers longevity and activity bonuses.  Members receive $11.50/hr. for all in-service department training.  Longevity is added to their hourly rate where activity bonuses are paid at the end of the year. 

If you want to help your community or if you're looking for a rewarding job, and you’re seeking self-satisfaction,

then consider becoming a member.

Stop in or call 419-684-5686 if you would like more information. 

Margaretta Township is an EOE.


Paid-On-Call Membership Requirements

  • 18 years old with a high school diploma or GED *

  • Provide a valid Ohio Driver’s License *

  • Successful completion of a 120 hr. level I firefighter course *

  • Successful completion of a 130 hr. EMT course *

  • Successful completion of a background check for criminal violations (no felonies or drug convictions) *

  • Successful completion of a basic physical paid for by the Township *

  • Successful completion of a FD Orientation program within 6 months of start date #

  • Must attend and successfully complete in-service training annually #

  • Successful completion of the interview process with department officers #

  • Successful completion of a six month probationary period and/or until training is completed #

The following is required by the Fire Department of all members:

  • Attendance at all emergency calls that you are available for #

  • Have a neat personal appearance. No beards allowed *#

  • Be courteous to the public

  • Follow orders to the best of your ability

  • Maintain the privacy of all records or victims information *#

  • Operate all vehicles in a safe manner *#

  • Maintain a professional appearance on all types of calls 

The following is required of all members by the Association:

  • Attendance at business meetings #

  • Attendance at all department fund raisers #

  • Attendance at all special department functions # 

The following is provided by the Township for each member:

  • Training Expenses including tuition and mileage

  • Physical

  • Payment for emergency calls that you attend ($10.50 and up/hr)

  • Payment for drills that you attend ($11.50/hr)

  • Longevity pay based upon years of service

  • Payment into Workers compensation fund *

  • Liability insurance for each member (general & medical)

  • Supplemental income insurance for each member

  • Protective clothing and radios for each member *

  • Use of department tools and facilities (some limitations) 

The following is provided by the Firefighters Association:

  • Family picnic

  • Christmas Party for members

  • Membership into the NWOVFA and its charity fund

  • Use of physical fitness equipment

  • Payment for baseball and bowling tournaments (County & NWOVFA)

  • Supplemental income if injured in the line of duty

State of Ohio Mandates - *

MTFT Mandates - #