Thanks to Shortridge Construction for over 200 loads of free dirt so we could repair 900’ of failing wall along the southeast side of Castalia Cemetery.



We’d like to say thank you to Assistant Chief Dan Strayer for 21 years of dedicated service to Margaretta Township and its citizens. Good luck in your future endeavors and congratulations on your new position.

Thank you for all you’ve done.

The Margaretta Township Fire Dept placed a ‘new’ grass fire truck in service replacing a 2002 Ford F-250 crew cab pick up truck that has served us for years. This ‘new’ unit is built on a re-purposed chassis from the Twp Road Dept, formally as a 1-ton dump truck. With the assistance of a local business, we were able to put the vehicle together at a significant cost savings to the township, nearly 1/4 the cost of a new custom vehicle. The new vehicle allows us to haul more water and improves our off-road capabilities. When you see the new truck out and about this summer, you may also notice that the paint is different from the other fleet. After many decades of the familiar lime green and white paint scheme, the department has decided to make a change to the lime green and gray on all future fire department vehicles. Keep your eye out for the new addition to the fleet!